Secure and Elegant Universal Tablet & iPad Stand

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Eddy is our premium stand for style-conscious customers. The rotating base and tilting feature make it perfect for a range of users and counter heights.

Fast and free delivery
30 days return policy
Multi tablet
12 months warranty

Tablet agnostic

Commitment issues? Being compatible with all major tablets means Eddy doesn’t have to be exclusive to one model.

Fuss-free base

This stand features a freestanding base which provides the perfect amount of friction. It slides when it needs to slide but stays put when in use.

Simple screen-sharing

Eddy’s rotating base allows easy screen-sharing around 350° and a hinge which gives over 90° of screen angle adjustment.

Clever cable management

Fuss-free cable management helps to keep your counter tidy, with movement features designed to reduce strain on the cable.

Lock down your stand

Eddy offers multiple security options to suit a range of needs. Choose between a freestanding base, mounting your stand to the surface or securing it with a Kensington Lock.

Lock your tablet in position

Fit your tablet in between Eddy’s jaws and lock it into position using the Allen key provided. Once secured, your tablet won’t budge.