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You’ve landed on our page showcasing the Bouncepad iPad stand range. Below you can see our products that are compatible with iPads and how they can be used to help you in your business and personal needs. This could mean you want an iPad stand for bed, an iPad security stand, or an iPad POS stand to create a modern, elegant and efficient payment or registration process.

Our stands are designed with style and user experience in mind from the very beginning. We create them to be secure and durable enough for the amount of use they will go through on a day to day basis; this is whilst never compromising on aesthetics. We create beautiful shapes, designed to last.

Our Range of iPad Stands

Counter Counter


€195.00 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Counter is designed to protect and secure the tablet whilst standing at the perfect angle for ergonomic interaction.

Protection, security, and efficient user interaction are at the heart of this design.

Desk Desk


€175.00 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Desk lies low on your surface and is positioned at the perfect angle for effortless interaction.

A design that keeps a low profile and remains close to the surface beneath gives this stand a seamless finish.

Flip Flip


€225.00 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Flip sits elegantly on your counter top, the perfect solution for screen sharing and point of sale applications.

The Flip offers a seamless interaction at point of sale between salesperson and customer, through a rotating screen.

Sumo Sumo


€400.00 ex vat

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The strong yet beautiful tablet enclosure for high-traffic environments including quick service restaurants, malls, play areas and airports.

The heavyweight of our range, designed to withstand a high amount of use.

Static 60 Static 60

Static 60

€175.00 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Static 60 acts as a powerful focal point for displaying bright content at a distance or on raised platforms.

Attract attention from a distance, using the Static 60º as a centre point for passersby to look at.

Counter Flex Counter Flex

Counter Flex

€245.00 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Counter Flex is designed to protect and secure the tablet whilst offering a full range of movement for ergonomic interaction.

Flexibility of movement gives this iPad stand its unique qualities. The user can twist the case to where needed, whilst the iPad is kept safe and secure.

Counter 60 Counter 60

Counter 60

€195.00 ex vat

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The Bouncepad Counter 60 is designed to protect and secure the tablet whilst standing at the perfect angle for ergonomic interaction.

Perfect for showcasing content from a distance, without permanent screwing into place.

iPad POS Stands

What is POS?

POS means Point of Sale. This is the time and exact location that a transaction takes place. A payment register in a shop or hotel are some of the most common examples of this.

What does a POS stand do?

Our iPad POS stands turn your tablet into a business asset, becoming a fixture to be used as a cash register or during any other purchase transaction.

How can an iPad POS stand help my business?

Amongst many other points, using one improves the security and speed of the transaction, whilst also being more secure and professional.

POS Swivel Stand

Rotating our stands makes interaction between users easier and more efficient. For our stands that are static, we offer Rotate. This fitting allows the stalk to be pivoted smoothly.

Secure iPad Stands

The outlay to provide your business with iPads is no small amount, that’s why it’s so important for us to produce stands that keep them safe from damage and theft. As iPad security stands, they are designed to prevent thieves from being able to easily remove and run off with your business asset. They are also created to be robust enough to stand up to the knocks and impact that inevitably happens in busy environments. We offer different models depending on the amount of use they will receive, the Sumo is our most hardy product, designed to take the wear and tear from heavy footfall.

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Use your tablet as an amazing business tool to engage your customers and provide the best customer experience.

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