iPad Wall Brackets

Attach your tablet to vertical surfaces with an iPad wall bracket. On this page you can see the range of wall brackets we have on offer at Bouncepad. They are a great solution for businesses with little space or without the surfaces that other enclosures can be mounted on.

When we create our stands, it is essential they fulfil certain criteria. They must be stylish enough to look good in any commercial application they find themselves. They must be strong and durable to protect the investment businesses make in them and their iPad POS systems. The third point is they have to help streamline processes such as point of sale transactions.

Our Range of iPad Wall Brackets

Wallmount Wallmount



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The Bouncepad Wallmount is a low profile solution for vertical surfaces and walls, presenting content at eye level.

The focused 60° angle of the Wallmount invites users to interact with the content on screen.




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The Bouncepad VESA allows you to achieve a seamlessly flat tablet display, and is compatible with industry standard VESA mount systems.

A slim build and flat fixing to the wall gives a sophisticated, seamless appearance.

Branch Branch



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The Bouncepad Branch is the perfect solution in areas where floor space is valuable and you want your walls to do the talking.

A simple design to optimise your space and naturally improve your brand environment.

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Use your tablet as an amazing business tool to engage your customers and provide the best customer experience.

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