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You’ve landed on our page displaying the Bouncepad iPad mount selection. As well as seeing what great products we offer, below we tell you what size Bouncepad product will match your iPad model. We also provide some useful further information for you, discuss our mounting options a bit further, for instance you might want an iPad desk mount or an iPad counter mount. From there, we link to more articles where it’s possible to find out more about our products and how investing in an iPad retail solution can benefit your business.

Our Range of iPad Mounts

Wallmount Wallmount



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The Bouncepad Wallmount is a low profile solution for vertical surfaces and walls, presenting content at eye level.

Attach your iPad onto a vertical surface, angled for easy viewing.




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The Bouncepad VESA allows you to achieve a seamlessly flat tablet display, and is compatible with industry standard VESA mount systems.

Fix an iPad flat to the wall, great for digital signage and environmental control apps like heating.

Branch Branch



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The Bouncepad Branch is the perfect solution in areas where floor space is valuable and you want your walls to do the talking.

If space is tight and places to get fixtures into are few, our Branch can optimise your space.

Flex Flex



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The Bouncepad Flex offers a full range of movement with a flexible stalk that lets you use the screen at any angle.

Gymnastic movement and robust engineering, keeping your enclosure agile and safe.

iPad Desk Mount

Easily fix our enclosures to a desk to create a stylish work environment. We have permanent and temporary mounts that will leave the furniture beneath unharmed.

iPad Counter Mount

Similarly, many of our mounts lend themselves to being secured to a counter. If you are looking to optimise your POS transaction, our ergonomic designs consider the fastest and most effective way to complete the payment process.

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Use your tablet as an amazing business tool to engage your customers and provide the best customer experience.

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