iPad Floor Stand

Welcome to our page that showcases the iPad floor stands we have on offer at Bouncepad. Floor stands are an increasingly popular option for people with little to no space, or surfaces, to mount their iPad enclosures onto.

A lot of thought goes into the design of our Bouncepad products, that’s why companies like McDonalds, EE and Selfridges trust us and use our products in store. From the stylish lines we create, to the security features and ergonomic design, we make products that look great, keep your resources safe, and increase efficiency in transactions.

Our Range of iPad Floor Stands

Floorstanding Floorstanding



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The elegant Bouncepad Floorstanding commands attention, the ultimate standalone tablet display for temporary and permanent installations.

This model can be moved to where you need it and because of a weighted base, does not need to damage the floor through drilling and screwing.

Floorstanding Slim Floorstanding Slim

Floorstanding Slim


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The compact footprint of the Floorstanding Slim makes it ideal for fixed installations where space matters as much as style.

Fixes securely and permanently to the floor, with a small footprint to maximise space.

iPad Pro Floor Stands

Do the stands work with iPad pros?

We have a range of different sizes that will match the shape of your iPad. You can view the sizes and compatibility in the section below.

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Use your tablet as an amazing business tool to engage your customers and provide the best customer experience.

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